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LENGTH: 60 mins.
FORMAT: Mono, Film.
PRODUCTION: ABC Production, Sydney. 1969 (Series 1), 1970 (Series 2).

Inger Petri.......KIRRILY NOLAN
Jeff Mallow.......JOHN GREGG
Jackie Stuart.......PATSY TRENCH (eps 12 - 23)
Brian Fitch.......KEVIN MILES

Producer.......DAVID GODDARD
Executive Producer.......DAVID GODDARD
Series created by.......COLIN FREE
Music.......GEORGE DREYFUSS with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

1970 Awgie: Tony Morphett for ep. 19 'A Touch Of DFP'.
1970 AFI Bronze Reel Award: ep. 13 'The Short Sell'.

Series 1
1. The Devil Take The Bluetongue Fly
2. Stresspoint
3. Wish Upon A Fallen Star
4. A Pocketful Of Bones
5. Welcome To Sunhaven
6. The Trouble With Daisy
7. There's A Lot Of It About
8. The Initiates
9. Delicate Balance
10. A Beautiful Burn
11. D Is For Destruction
12. R.I.P.     
First Patsy Trench
Series 2
13. The Short Sell
14. Look Thy Last
15. The Fatted Calf
16. Hannah
17. Death Walk
18. A Bite Of History
19. A Touch Of DFP
20. The Honeywind Blows
21. Blackout
22. Too Many Masters
23. Overkill



1. The Devil Take The Bluetongue Fly

Jim Mitchell.......Robert Bruning
Bill Prescott.......Richard Meikle
Pettit.......Brian Adams
Clive Selwyn.......Jeff Ashby
Slade.......Harry Lawrence
Lawler.......Edward Howell
Hazel.......Shirley Smith
Bart.......Leslie Wright
Buck.......Steve Dodd
Worker.......Dennis Grosvenor

Script.......Colin Free
Director.......Brian Faull

Synopsis: Bill Prescott, a sheep farmer hit by drought, is about to sell to an American buyer. Some of the stock are diseased and although Prescott knows this, he tries to pass it off as a skin ailment. Finally Prescott allows Delta to investigate, and Brian Fitch discovers the rare plague of Bluetongue, which could virtually wipe out the sheep industry. The disease could spread at the rate of 50 miles a day, and it takes the combined efforts of Delta and the Australian Military Forces to prevent a national disaster.

Sydney & NSW regional 25/9/69
Canberra 25/9/69
Melbourne & VIC regional 26/9/69
Brisbane & QLD regional 26/9/69



Ep. 1: Brian Adams

Ep. 1: John Gregg.

2. Stresspoint

Janosek.......Wyn Roberts
Nyholme.......Ronald Falk

Director.......Wolfgang Storch

Synopsis: The Australian Navy calls in Delta to investigate death and possible sabotage causing delays in the building of two destroyers. The real problem lies with discrimination against a migrant worker - he is blamed for the death of a man by his workmates, who then start a victimisation campaign.

Sydney & NSW regional 2/10/69
Canberra 2/10/69
Melbourne & VIC regional 3/10/69
Brisbane & QLD regional 3/10/69


Kirrily Nolan.

3. Wish Upon A Fallen Star

Major Brunning.......Nigel Lovell
Acker.......Eddie Hepple
Joe.......John Armstrong

Synopsis: The Delta field team are trying to locate an ancient Aboriginal burial ground which contains valuable artefacts, when they receive a call from the Army to help look for a space capsule which has crashed in the outback. The satellite had been carrying dangerous viruses into space as part of a research programme. Inger and Mallow are at first reluctant to agree to Major Brunning's request because the burial ground is in danger of flooding - and Brunning at first refused to tell them the capsule's contents. There is little to guide them in the search for this deadly capsule, but they know it could have broken open on impact. If the capsule is not found soon a plague could be unleashed, causing widespread disease and death. Two old bush characters, Acker and Joe, find the capsule and puncture it, and it becomes a race against time.

Sydney & NSW regional 9/10/69
Canberra 9/10/69
Melbourne & VIC regional 10/10/69
Brisbane & QLD regional 10/10/69


Ep. 3: Kirrily Nolan and John Gregg.

4. A Pocketful Of Bones

Diane.......Carmen Duncan
Hilda.......Enid Lorimer

Synopsis: When Inger Petri and Brian Fitch are exploring for blue metal deposits, they uncover a cave with wall paintings. At first sight these appear to be Aboriginal relics, but a sinister discovery nearby causes them to think otherwise: a skeleton exhibiting signs of skilled modern surgery.

Sydney & NSW regional 16/10/69
Canberra 16/10/69
Melbourne & VIC regional 17/10/69
Brisbane & QLD regional 17/10/69


Kirrily Nolan and John Gregg.

5. Welcome To Sunhaven

Dr. Brian Doyle.......Peter Sumner
Mayor Firland.......Don Reid
Winifred Marsh .......Gabrielle Hartley

Director.......Wolfgang Storch

Synopsis: Delta is proud of its work on the newly designed filtration plant at Sunhaven, but then a tourist dies after eating polluted oysters. Inger Petri and Jeff Mallow investigate, but they can find no malfunction in the plant - the effluent is clear, though a strange foam keeps forming a short distance from the outlet. In spite of protests, the militant Dr. Doyle, who has campaigned for years against river pollution, manages to get the plant closed down. Delta is feeling the heat, especially in the face of bad publicity from well-known journalist Fred Marsh. In reality, Fred is actually a woman - Winifred Marsh - and this makes it difficult for Mallow to remain scientifically detached. Then Inger turns up the first clue and risks her life in an attempt to prove a theory.

Sydney & NSW regional 23/10/69
Canberra 23/10/69
Melbourne & VIC regional 24/10/69
Brisbane & QLD regional 24/10/69
Adelaide & SA regional 27/10/69


Kirrily Nolan.

6. The Trouble With Daisy

Alan Tibbett.......Harold Hopkins
Dakin.......Tom Farley
Gail Dakin.......Maria Goddard
Alan Tibbett Snr........Ron Roberts
Mrs. Osmond.......Thelma Scott
Linda Owens.......Peg Christensen
Bill Owens.......Bob Haddow

Synopsis: The Dakins are struggling to make their dairy farm pay. Dakin keeps getting scientific advice but stubbornly refuses to act on it, and the Delta team discover that the dairy produce is third-rate. Family tradition and rivalry in the small dairying community force the Delta team to abandon science and make use of female cunning, and they recommend that an old family employee should be sacked and part of the land which has been fenced off should be opened up.

Sydney & NSW regional 30/10/69
Canberra 30/10/69
Melbourne & VIC regional 31/10/69
Brisbane & QLD regional 31/10/69


John Gregg and Kirrily Nolan.

7. There's A Lot Of It About

Rankin.......Stewart Ginn
Carpenter.......Peter Collingwood

Synopsis: Cranks cause Delta more headaches than the toughest of assignments, so when a crate of weeds arrives for investigation, laborious and unrewarding checks must be made. An amateur herbalist, Carpenter, has been sending unsolicited specimens to Delta for years, but it comes as a surprise when a routine check shows an unusual creeper weed, Marsdenia, contains medically valuable analgesic properties. Carpenter suspects DELTA of trying to claim his discovery, but when an earthmoving firm arrives with heavy equipment it appears that nobody will get the credit.

Sydney & NSW regional 6/11/69
Canberra 6/11/69
Melbourne & VIC regional 7/11/69
Brisbane & QLD regional 7/11/69


Kevin Miles and John Gregg.

8. The Initiates

Peter Spencer.......Tristan Rogers
Dr. Spencer.......Frank Thring
Tony Spencer.......Max Phipps

Script.......Tony Morphett

Synopsis: Dr. Spencer, a distinguished anthropologist, has retired to Australia. He made his reputation with a classic study of the New Guinea Kaibu tribe. At the request of a distinguished professor, Dr. Spencer has set up a reconstruction of a Kaibu village on his property for post-graduate study of their life and religion. Inger Petri is invited to attend the school, but it soon appears to her that something more sinister than anthropological studies are being catered for. Her suspicions are strengthened by the doctor's strange son, Peter, and she panics when she discovers that the school is virtually cut off from the outside world by the express orders of Dr. Spencer, and Delta finds itself involved in a ritual murder.

Notes: Segments filmed on location at an historic homestead at Appin, just south of Sydney.

Sydney & NSW regional 13/11/69
Canberra 13/11/69
Melbourne & VIC regional 14/11/69
Brisbane & QLD regional 14/11/69


Ep. 8: Frank Thring, Kirrily Nolan and John Gregg.

9. Delicate Balance

.......Martin Harris

Director.......Tom Jeffrey

Synopsis: When Inger Petri takes a well-deserved holiday, she stays with friends on the coast. Unexpectedly, the Delta mobile laboratory arrives with Jeff Mallow and a metallurgist, who have been sent to the area to estimate the mineral content of the beach sands. Delta finds that when an ardent conservationist meets a rutile miner, the situation becomes explosive - with gelignite.

Sydney & NSW regional 20/11/69
Canberra 20/11/69
Melbourne & VIC regional 21/11/69
Brisbane & QLD regional 21/11/69


John Gregg and Kirrily Nolan.

10. A Beautiful Burn

Fire Chief Rawson.......Tony Ward
.......Anna Bowden

Director.......Oscar Whitbread

Synopsis: To prevent the disaster of future bushfires to a mountain town that is regularly razed by fire, Delta, with considerable difficulty, arrange a pattern of controlled burning to create an artificial firebreak. It is a massive operation using the combined efforts of the Army and the local fire brigade. Rawson, the local fire brigade officer at Shallow Creek, scoffs at progress and, resenting the intrusion, prevents its completion, claiming it is dangerous and ill-conceived. Because of his stupidity he causes the death of one man and nearly kills himself and others when a spectacular fire threatens the town.

Sydney & NSW regional 27/11/69
Canberra 27/11/69
Melbourne & VIC regional 28/11/69
Brisbane & QLD regional 28/11/69

11. D Is For Destruction

Mother.......Pat Bishop
Father.......Ray Taylor
Stevie.......Matthew Crosby

Script.......John Kiddell
Director.......Tom Jeffrey

Synopsis: Delta investigates a human problem when Inger Petri goes to the sixth birthday party of her godson Stevie, an intelligent child who cannot, or will not, learn to read or write. He is a difficult child who goes into a tantrum if crossed. His parents are high-living social climbers who blame each other for the child's behaviour. Meanwhile, Jeff Mallow clashes with some bikies who destroy equipment in the mobile laboratory.

Sydney & NSW regional 4/12/69
Canberra 4/12/69
Melbourne & VIC regional 5/12/69
Brisbane & QLD regional 5/12/69

12. R.I.P.

Sawtell.......Chips Rafferty

Director.......David Goddard

Synopsis: A ghost mining town in the Blue Mountains is the proposed site of a multi-million dollar American leisure centre. Delta operator Jackie Stuart has been given the task of surveying the area and she heads for the uninhabited town. After making her base in an old bar she explores the area and discovers an empty tent. Returning to the bar she finds signs that someone has visited it during her absence. In a panic Jackie tries to start her Landrover - only to find that the distributor arm is missing. Other 'ghostly' events turn an adventure into a nightmare as it becomes obvious someone is trying to scare her off.

Notes: First episode with Patsy Trench as Jackie Stuart. Filmed at the abandoned mining town of Harvey Vale, NSW.

Sydney & NSW regional 11/12/69
Canberra 11/12/69
Melbourne & VIC regional 12/12/69
Brisbane & QLD regional 12/12/69


Ep. 10: Kirrily Nolan and John Gregg.



Kirrily Nolan


13. The Short Sell

James Garrick.......John Meillon
Jack le Fevre.......Ron Randell
Hilary Harris.......Audine Leith
Bruce Arnold.......Allan Lander
Sir Philip Galton.......Gordon McDougall
Girl.......Judy Morris
Staines.......John Derum
Lady Galton.......Hilary Bligh
Journalist.......Edward Lansdowne
Intruder.......Roger Milliss

Script.......Martin Stormill
Director.......Wolfgang Storch

Synopsis: Jack le Fevre, a Canadian geologist working for wealthy Jim Garrick, has made a promising mineral discovery and Delta is asked to provide an independent valuation of the field. Delta finds the discovery is limited, but this doesn't stop Garrick from falsifying the report and sending the company's shares rocketing. As a result Mallow is accused of accepting a bribe and suspended pending investigation. Mallow then attempts to prove his innocence.

Notes: This episode won an Australian Film Institute Bronze Reel Award.

Melbourne & VIC regional 10/7/70
Sydney & NSW regional 10/7/70
Canberra 10/7/70
Brisbane & QLD regional 24/7/70



Ep. 13: John Gregg and Ron Randell.

14. Look Thy Last

Skade.......Harry Lawrence
Scottie.......Keith Lee
Lambert.......Don Reid
Kell.......Peter Corbett

Script.......John Martin
Director.......Tom Jeffrey

Synopsis: Coal mine workings are operating dangerously near an old flooded shaft. The old hands are wary and believe there is danger; the young men and management are more worried about bonus and output. Delta is asked to give an independent assessment of the situation, and Jackie and Mallow are assigned. Mallow sets off down the mine - there is a blast and he and Scottie, the union representative, and a troublemaker named Skade are trapped in a sealed chamber by a rockfall.

Notes: Filmed on location at the Awaba colliery, Newcastle. Kirrily Nolan does not appear in this episode. The script was used in the textbook ‘Close-Up’.

Melbourne & VIC regional 17/7/70
Sydney & NSW regional 17/7/70
Canberra 17/7/70
Brisbane & QLD regional 31/7/70


Ep. 14: Harry Lawrence and Keith Lee.

15. The Fatted Calf

Leo Falstone-Green.......Michael Pate
Wilson.......Peter Gwynne
Paul Falstone-Green.......Alister Smart
Ryan.......Brian Adams

Director.......David Goddard

Synopsis: Jackie Stuart is invited to the property of Leo Falstone-Green, a domineering cattle station owner, for a holiday. It soon becomes obvious that Falstone-Green thinks his cattle station needs a strong owner, and he looks on Jackie as potentially an ideal wife for his spineless son Paul. Jackie has disliked Paul ever since they were children and she likes him even less now. Delta is about to drill for oil on the property, and Falstone-Green is opposed to the plan in spite of the fact that Delta has government permission. Jackie's loyalties are put to the test, especially when Delta takes a tough line and Falstone-Green takes an even more violent line.

Melbourne & VIC regional 24/7/70
Sydney & NSW regional 24/7/70
Canberra 24/7/70
Brisbane & QLD regional 7/8/70


Ep. 15: Brian Adams and John Gregg.

16. Hannah

Dr. Hannah Thompson.......Dinah Shearing
Margaret.......Moya O'Sullivan
Saxon.......Reg Livermore

Synopsis: Dr. Hannah Thompson, a one-time distinguished scientist with a secret government department, consults a spiritualist. Delta becomes involved when the spiritualist, Saxon, becomes a threat to national security, as Dr. Thompson is working on a top secret project and the government fears Saxon may trick her into revealing confidential information.

Melbourne & VIC regional 31/7/70
Sydney & NSW regional 31/7/70
Canberra 31/7/70
Brisbane & QLD regional 14/8/70


John Gregg and Kirrily Nolan.

17. Death Walk

McCrainor.......Owen Weingott
Rand.......Wyn Roberts

Script.......Robert Peach
Director.......Wolfgang Storch

Synopsis: Inger Petri and Jeff Mallow visit the desert salt pans of Lake Eyre in South Australia at the invitation of Rand, and electronics expert, to visit his experimental station and observe television reception tests. When they arrive they find the equipment dismantled, the water supply gone, a hostile half-crazed engineer armed with a gun and attempted murder. Soon they find themselves having to fight for survival with an injured man, and no food, water, radio, compass or map.

Notes: Filmed at Lake Eyre, South Australia. Considerable difficulties were experienced during filming due to adverse weather conditions, the shoot taking 17 days instead of the allocated 11. Because of excessive rain, some scenes had to be re-shot in sand dunes near Newcastle and at Cronulla, Sydney.

Melbourne & VIC regional 7/8/70
Sydney & NSW regional 7/8/70
Canberra 7/8/70
Perth & WA regional 14/8/70
Hobart & TAS regional 14/8/70
Brisbane & QLD regional 21/8/70
Adelaide & SA regional 21/8/70


Ep. 17: Kirrily Nolan and John Gregg.

18. A Bite Of History

Vicki.......Tina Grenville
Mrs. Sutcliffe.......Mary Mackay
Orlando.......Peter Reynolds
Hobson.......Rhoderick Walker

Director.......Frank Arnold

Synopsis: Mrs. Sutcliffe is determined to will her historic home to the National Trust, but it stands on extremely valuable real estate which developers have their eyes on. Delta is called in by the National Trust to evaluate the condition of the house.

Melbourne & VIC regional 14/8/70
Sydney & NSW regional 14/8/70
Canberra 14/8/70
Brisbane & QLD regional 28/8/70
Adelaide & SA regional 28/8/70


Kirrily Nolan and John Gregg.

19. A Touch Of DFP

Jenni.......Lyndall Rowe
Bartlett.......Peter Adams
Milburn.......Don Barkham
Selwyn.......Jeff Ashby
Claudia.......Elke Neidhardt
Carter.......John Warwick

Script.......Tony Morphett

Synopsis: Inger Petri and Jeff Mallow are working on a routine assignment checking the safety of crop-dusting solution for Carters Laboratories when Mallow is sprayed by a crop dusting plane and collapses, near death. Inger suspects foul play.

Notes: Tony Morphett was joint winner of an Awgie Award for Best Script For A TV Drama Series (1970) for this episode (shared with John Dingwall for Homicide episode 208 'Everyone Knows Charlie').

Melbourne & VIC regional 21/8/70
Sydney & NSW regional 21/8/70
Canberra 21/8/70
Brisbane & QLD regional 4/9/70
Adelaide & SA regional 4/9/70


John Gregg and Kirrily Nolan.

20. The Honeywind Blows

Daphne.......Dina Mann
'Halloween' Jones.......Robert Dunlap
Maria.......Lyndall Barbour
Job Winton.......John Armstrong

Director.......Frank Arnold

Synopsis: When Delta is commissioned to investigate Winton Honey, which is claimed to have magical powers to cure illness, Inger Petri and Jeff Mallow come across an outbreak of voodooism and faith healing. They are joined at a bush camp of three honey farmers by 'Halloween' Jones and Maria, who is a fortune teller and a witch.

Notes: American actor Robert Dunlap, who had a lead role in the U.S. serial Peyton Place, makes a guest appearance in this episode.

Melbourne & VIC regional 28/8/70
Sydney & NSW regional 28/8/70
Canberra 28/8/70
Brisbane & QLD regional 11/9/70


Ep. 20: Robert Dunlap and Dina Mann.

21. Blackout

Jennifer McKenzie.......Jeanie Drynan
Bill Keegan.......Peter Sumner
Lawson.......Ben Gabriel
‘Mac’ McKenzie.......Brian James
Nigel.......Athol Compton
Melodie.......Steve Dodd
Aboriginal man.......Ben Blakeney
Barman.......Allan Penney

Script.......John Martin
Director.......Tom Jeffrey
Assistant Director.......Allan Penney
Script Editor.......Barbara Vernon

Synopsis: Delta investigates the tuna fishing industry and the racism of local fishermen in a small town when an educated half-caste Aboriginal, who is involved with a white girl, plans to build a small fleet of fishing boats to be manned by his people.

Notes: Patsy Trench does not appear in this episode.

Melbourne & VIC regional 4/9/70
Sydney & NSW regional 4/9/70
Canberra 4/9/70
Brisbane & QLD regional 18/9/70


Ep. 21: Peter Sumner and Jeanie Drynan.

22. Too Many Masters

Len Reeves.......Peter Gwynne
Ronnie.......Nigel Lovell
Veronica Graham-Woods.......Margo Lee
Derek.......Jim Smillie
Butch.......Phillip Clifton

Director.......Frank Arnold

Synopsis: Wealthy art collector Veronica Graham-Woods seems to be so lucky at finding valuable paintings that she can afford to let friends have some now and then. She sells a Conder painting to a friend of Inger Petri, and Inger becomes suspicious, remembering that this particular painting was lost in a fire many years ago. Delta investigates an art fraud, leading them to Len Reeves, an art forger.

Notes: First Australian television acting role for Peter Gwynne. For her role as Veronica Graham-Woods, Margot Lee took along lots of hats - more than the character could possibly wear. "I was determined that this society woman should wear as many hats as possible," said Margot. "It was better to have too many on location than too few."17

Melbourne & VIC regional 11/9/70
Sydney & NSW regional 11/9/70
Canberra 11/9/70
Brisbane & QLD regional 25/9/70


Kirrily Nolan and John Gregg.

23. Overkill

Thorgens.......Katy Wild
Mara.......Maria Goddard
Judge.......Don Pascoe
Scientist.......Phil Avalon

Script.......Colin Free

Synopsis: Delta scientist Brian Fitch has been in the mountains conducting investigations into pollution. When he does not contact the team for three weeks, Inger and Mallow go to find him. When they reach his camp they find it deserted with the Delta radio smashed, a bottle which once contained ether on the floor, and an unidentified decomposed body floating in the well. They later discover a weird deserted farm, inhabited only by what appear to be driverless bulldozers and vans. A scientist, Judge, operates the ultra-mechanised farm from a computer complex beneath the house. He is assisted by Thorgens and Mara - a 14-year-old girl with a mind like a computer who shows no emotion.

Melbourne & VIC regional 18/9/70
Sydney & NSW regional 18/9/70
Canberra 18/9/70
Brisbane & QLD regional 2/10/70


17. TV Times, May 6, 1970.


Ep. 23: Maria Goddard.